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The Therapist

The Therapist

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Please find above our latest project.

A Music Video for Glastonbury Festival Openers the amazing Society of Imaginary Friends.

The track is in aid of the charity Black Minds Matter UK who tackle the effects of racism through providing free culturally appropriate mental health talking therapies.

 We worked on an idea of dancing and shaking off any stress or anxiety someone may be experiencing.

The background represents Babylon, the predominantly white corporate, military, industrial complex and the dancers / clients are maintaining their mental health with the help of The Therapist - DJ Lee Junior who at the start of the film experiences police harassment (very stressful) while just walking to work after parking his car. The Therapist lifts himself and has hope when he hears the voice from above (Red Saunders), he then guides all of his clients to keep their joy, mental health and wellbeing despite the chaos, oppression and structural violence created and metered out by the current economic system. We were very privileged to have the legendary Red Saunders founder of the first Rock Against Racism lend his sonorous bass voice to the video. Huge Thanks and appreciation to all the fantastic performers involved in the making of this film.

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