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English Eccentrix.

Connect with Your Audience Through Inspiring Visual Storytelling

We Are a New Creative
Video Production Company
Based in Camden London

We specialise in socially and ecologically responsible films promoting equality, inclusivity and kindness. If you have a project that needs inspiring visuals, award winning sound design and high spec moving images then we can help. In house editing and green screen capabilities help bring your video to life. 


Pre production involves the planning process and execution of every task that must take place before production begins. Including budgets, storyboard, casting actors, location scouting etc.  While we take care of the practical elements of pre-production, we love our clients to be part of the core creative process and take pride in organising fruitful pre-production meetings to finalise the ideas and narrative of the film together. We will translate your thoughts and visions into a beautiful, unique visual and sound expression that can be shared with the world. 


What We Do


The moment of filming. All the pre-production planning coming together for the day or days of filming. We have a track record of bringing out the very best performances from the chosen actors, musicians or dancers for the film. We have excellent directors, costume makers, make-up and hair stylists and lighting / camera technicians working with us on the day and the feedback from our performers is that they very much enjoy working with us and our team. With such care and attention to the technical side of production we make sure that those top notch performances are captured fully.


We have a top in house editor and special effects person. We edit the film to really bring out the story and message of the film and to keep the viewer engaged. Our award winning sound designer and composer is on hand to create a bespoke score and top level sound effects / design. We can take care (for a fee)  of any music synch license requirements too. Titles and credits are also made in house and can be animated on request. We strive to create the very highest quality film on a reasonable budget and our attention to detail in the post-production process really make our films stand out.

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